Sweet Dishes In Quarantine..

“Let’s Try Some Sweet Dishes In This Quarantine”
In India, there are various types of dishes which you have to try in this Quarantine.
Actually, in ancient times our ancestors know and eat so many sweet dishes and they also know that how to cook that dishes, they know how to serve because that is the time when Indians know our traditions know how to pretend the trends.
In the current situations, COVID-19 spread varies vastly so it relies upon some stress sweet dishes are the best mode of relaxation.
Let’s come to know which dishes or sweet dishes you want to eat or want to make.
And if you want to try that something new to eat, something different according to my taste then there are lots of sweets that you have to make and go through it.
On some auspicious occasions like yesterday were mother's day on that day you should make some sweets for your mothers.
Also, you can make various dishes on some occasions with your own, in this Quarantine.
Like Chocolate dry cake, Red velvet cake these cakes are too easy to make and take very little time to make it.
You also try sweet dishes as Gulab Jamun ready to eat flavored. 
If you are from Alwar state and you missed milk cake from your state then you also try to which is also very easy to prepare.
And you don't know how to made these sweets then go through youtube channel Madhavi's kitchen she makes lots of yummy dishes.
You should also try Agra's petha in your home in this quarantine, in this country, there are lots of sweets are famous in various cities and states.
Various people from various states want to eat so many sweets which are famous in their states but that is not possible due to this lockdown so you want to make your own.
There are so many dishes which you have to taste in this quarantine,
Like suji dry cake, Rava cake these are for vegetarians too because in these cakes eggs are not present.
Some important sweet dishes which you should try are
 Small Ras Malay is the best way to explore your moods and Cham Cham is a famous sweet in Nagaland you should also try these sweets.
 As we know that Patna is the capital of Bihar, the famous sweet of Patna is Navedam you also tried this.
 And in India when we visit temples then there were shops of sweets located at the courtyard in very shops there are so many sweets available, One of them is coconut laddoo you should also try that laddoo.
 Besan laddoo is also very famous for Ganesh puja, That recipe is too easy so you can try it at your homes as well.
 Jalebi is the also a famous sweet of India, and now these dishes are also available in ready to eat packet you loved that so go through all the dishes and make it at home.
 If you from southern states then you will also try sweet Pongal in your own homes or why south only all you tried this recipe in homes, Boli as well as you should also be tried.
 Kala kand, Kaju katli, kheer are the most famous sweets which all Indians loved that, In every festival, they have it because these sweets have different flavored and the common things are used in these sweets are milk and sugar. You easily made it in your homes.

Today's there are lots of people who want to eat so many things some like to eat different dishes, some of them want sweet dishes, some of them want easily available dishes, some are searches on swiggy, zomato that which dishes are available on that site which they want to eat.
But why, what is the need of this all we are at our homes and we have so much time to full-filled our needs, lots of time for spend with our family and makes so many tasty sweet dishes or many dishes which they want to eat or which we want to eat.
So don’t be panic just utilized the time which we have and taste some sweet dishes and let melt our mouths.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day
First of all I want to discuss, What is the meaning of Mother’s Day?
Mother is only six-letter words and the word itself, very deep meaning which consists of love, care, optimistic etc.
Not a single day decides that this day is suitable for Mother’sDay.  All the day in the calendar is for mothers.
This day honored to the family and the society too, day show the happiness on every mother’s face.
Okay, now I want to say that why this day is so much special or why this day is so much famous, as compared to others?
There is some history behind this, this day honoring mothers in ancient times were often god and goddesses. 
The Greek and Roman also honored this day as a mother figure of their Gods.
In India, the festival of Durga-puja honors the goddess Durga.
This day deserved to be famous because this is the day when generally people show their love for their mothers.
Also one thing is Mother word is like a "holy book", if there is a mother in our life then we don't require anyone for anything like friends, well-wishers etc.
Mother is the only key which shows the correct path, for everything based on career, love, honesty and the most important thing is mother were the first teacher of every child not only mother every parents deserve that much special treatment which they made for. 
They are lucky who have mothers in their life, they know how to treat people they know the behavior in front of others. 
She is upset, she is tired, she feels not-well, she never shows her pain on her face i.e the power of Mother’s.
Today's world people did not know how to treat their parents they put them at old age homes for a long time. Parent's fault is only that much they love their children too much as compared to others, their so-called children's forgot that they also someday become someone’s parents.
That seen is painful for mothers, they never thought that her children have done this much worst with her.
How this day might be celebrate?
Many moms want to celebrate this day very simple as they want that they love to meet their children with the whole family and just have fun, food, gossip, etc that’s it.
If they were not able to meet their children's then they simply join them at calls, video calls,chats, etc. In-directly somehow they only want to celebrate with their children and their family that's if they even don't want any gifts, chocolates, clothes, toys, jewelry nothing. This is real love without any limits, without any conditions,without any expectations.
I don’t know how could people throw their parents out from their life those people are heartless, emotionless, they can’t worth any kind of love nothing.
Mom’s are always busy collecting love from their children when they become young, after this age when they convert from child to young they forgot that they have also a name of mother exist in their life.
But, mom never forgot it she always remembers that when her child needs food, when her child needs love, when her child needs pampering everything.
That’s the power of every Mom’s on their children;s life.
I have suggest you that how to celebrate Mother’s day then please
• Date with your Mom’s if you are with them, spend the whole time with her in this lockdown. Show her movies, makes some food like brunch, dinner, lunch whatever she likes to eat, with her go for a long drive, go for a picnic, make some home-made gifts for her which is the ultimate way of treasure for her just feels her that she is important for you.
• If you are not with her, then make a call with long duration and spend some times on calls, play games online with her, makes video-calls, send lovely gifts online, make some beautiful cards and sent it, there are lots of ways to show some love with your all mom’s,grand-maa, step-mother also deserve these things so treat her same.
• If your mother love to sing then, appreciate her for singing a song that realizes her that you have the knowledge about your mother which makes her inner happiness. 
Every mother has honored for this day, they deserve all the love, respect, everything which full-filled her inner happiness.
Hats-off to not only all Mother’s of the whole country,hats-off to all women's which always sacrifices for us every day,nurturing our families, society, greater communities.
They are a kind of well-received person for every society, for every culture to spread the goodness in the environment. 
For me Mother is the biggest gift which sent us by God, as we know that sometimes God is not present for stand by us or to save us from falsehood, crime, lawlessness, evil that's why they made these lovely creatures named as 'MOTHER'S'. 
Proud of that child which makes her mother special every day, and take care of her they are the real legends.
So if any ‘Mother’ read my article, then from my side wish you a very “HAPPY & SAFE MOTHER’S DAY” Stay home Stay Safe.



#Moments #UN-expected things

 Hey everyone!!

I am here again today I am going to say about UN-expectations..

This means that in this world most of the things are depends on expectations and many of things depends on UN-expectations..

Expectations come from friends, family and your loving ones when they not fulfilled you getting hurt from them..

And something depends on UN-expected things which are going to relate with some positivity and some negative too..

In some cases when your that friend which always ignores you they one day calls you to know that how are you and all.. this is UN-expected for you..

And the expected thing is they called you for a work .. this is expected thing from your side..

There is one more thing that happens in our life is if we love someone very much like madly..

And that person sometimes hurt you and they don’t care how you feel or not...

This is the thing which realize you that how wrong you are about him/her..

Now you are thinking that why I am saying these all things to you...

Hey!!This is my experience that’s why..

And your opinion for your loving ones is “hey! They don’t care about you if you are angry or not happy or not” and suddenly they show some cares for you, they show some love for you this is also un-expectations but in positive way...

So guys!! Got to go!!

Meet soon only at this page “lifefullofstruggle.life” hope you like and comment it and view my page..

Thank you.



Hey everyone!!
I am not going to complain with anyone,i just want to ask one question that why??
why?? People sometimes get granted to others??
Why they don't care that people love them,respect their feelings they only cares that what they feels not others.. In your daily life you definitely want sometimes someone with you and at that time when you call's or messages someone and they don't care they ignore you then for few seconds you feel guilty and sad too that why they don't care or why then can't be there for you?

But hey!! This is the real world that when you really need someone there is no one for you,but you not there is someone always with you and how you find that person its too simple just take a mirror and you notice that,that is you not any of your's friend or any relative's..

In social life there are too many friends of us but in real there is no one..
Mobile's,internet these are more important then other's presence in our life's..

  • I don't say that there is no one yes definitely there is..but only when they need's you otherwise who care's no-one..that's the truth..

  • Let's talk about families relatives they are blessings,but not for everyone.In some family they treat their younger one's like charlady they forget that people's presence around us are also a human's..

And some family member's are like oh!God they are blessings for the family..
In this world not everyone lucky, they are lucky who have a Family+Friends they are treasure for living but in this fake world friends means just get benefits that's it..
They makes prank of every relations,trust, everything..
Don't be sad to think about there is no one always think that there is someone always for you and that one is "YOU'..

Feeling Irritate

#Seen of  peace..
Hey guys..
What's up Thank you for reading my blogs.
I am here to share my experiences on how to people treats..
In my daily life there is a person by whom i get irritate too much..because that person shows too much show off and shows that they have too much knowledge according too others but they don't even thought that they are not only the person who exist on this earth..

That type of person makes lots of Irritated faces..and they think that they are the most adorable one..
If you find that type of creatures in your life then please share your experiences with me in comment section..

Soul Of Pain

Yes its totally okay to not have friends..and a significant other is seen as a requirement in society but it can do more harm than good depending..
I didn't mean that I have not a single friend in my life..yes I have..and sometimes I expect from them too much..

I hv some more then 5 yrs old friendship some friends from 3 yrs..
The difference is both of them is they care for me but one of them have no time for me..and the logic comes here is that they don't have time..or they busy in their own work but one thing in my mind is really they have no time..cause hey! It is the time to hv spend time with your own loving ones cause this disease spread very fast.. who's know the day comes may be I m here or not..then who cares..friends and friendship is the blessings in everyone's life..they hv no deadline no ending date no break-up nothing..
Show cares of your loving one's give some time them..when I see looking back in my childhood I thought that day is that much special because everyone takes care of me..but now I feel why I begging to someone to please come and give me some care some love..
This is not the meaning of real friendship..
I have one friend she is more caring more loving every time she is available for me.."my mother"..
Cause she is only who understands me..what I am how I am what I suffer what I deserve..
I thank her..
Everyone have there mother's some of them are cares some of them are don't..
Sometimes I can be happy with thinking about me my careers my goals..
I searched on YouTube how be feel happy when you alone..how stupid I am..
Hope this will pass soon and the day come when I am feel happy..
Missing something, missing some days, missing someone, missing lots of memories,,..missing everything,,..missing family, missing loving ones,,..
This is me..my mind thoughts which I want to write..some feelings inside in corner of my 💓..


Dear World,
As we know that there is a very dangerous virus comes in India from China.
We are Indian's and sometimes we behave like we are too illiterate because we don't have listen others we only think that no disease no effect comes close to us.
That is the most horrible thinking to all Indians and that's too dangerous.
As our PM said that there is no medicine comes yet for this COVID-19
So we have to stay home and stay safe..
Because if we don't care about other's then.. It's definitely means the end of the World.
This illness is spreading from Man to Man..human to human we only we have to stop this..
Not the government are responsible for this.
So for this we have to stay at home and make social distancing.
Common India it is the time to fight against the COVID-19.
Let's do it..
We are do it..


Friendship is very beautiful thing that exist in this earth.
But, mostly it can exist means rarely cause when you give too much importance to others they never give you return back.
It's depends the person too whom you gave the response and why.
And there is one more thing if the situation is tough then there is no one to handle you,your problems or your situations not a single friend.
In this world,no person are exist which is our friend in our dream world no one.
This is the truth of the realistic life.
So,start living alone, lovingly,and happily.


Sometimes i thought that i want to fly like a free butterfly without any stress and burden.
And i just wanna say that wow God "Waah life ho toh aisi" But that's not happen anymore..
Now-a-days i say only that "Zindagi na mile dubara"..
Is it true guy's that i this fake world there is no one who hold you in their arms and say that don't worry dear i am here with you and just always try to hold you entire of life..
But it's not that much easy i think so..

If you have that kind of guy then please don't let him/her go from your life they are like treasure for anyone in this fake world..

Life is full of struggle

Life Sucks..

Sometimes I realised that there is nothing in life without any job's.
If there is no job's in your life than no one can give respect you..not atleast love.
All people hates you that you are useless.
In India there is unemployment at major scale no one can cares that how much you educate or which degree do you have the only thing is how much your reference and which person you know to appoint your job ..that's it.
Dear World,
 Don't let yourself too helpless, there are so many people who think that I am useless because I don't have jobs,no this is not the way to judge yourself Job's are not that much important cause there are lots of things apart from this.

Please comment me and help me to write some more blogs like this.

Life is full of struggle

Life Sucks.. ⽣⽣⽣ Sometimes I realised that there is nothing in life without any job's. If there is no job's in your l...