Friendship is very beautiful thing that exist in this earth.
But, mostly it can exist means rarely cause when you give too much importance to others they never give you return back.
It's depends the person too whom you gave the response and why.
And there is one more thing if the situation is tough then there is no one to handle you,your problems or your situations not a single friend.
In this world,no person are exist which is our friend in our dream world no one.
This is the truth of the realistic life.
So,start living alone, lovingly,and happily.


Sometimes i thought that i want to fly like a free butterfly without any stress and burden.
And i just wanna say that wow God "Waah life ho toh aisi" But that's not happen anymore..
Now-a-days i say only that "Zindagi na mile dubara"..
Is it true guy's that i this fake world there is no one who hold you in their arms and say that don't worry dear i am here with you and just always try to hold you entire of life..
But it's not that much easy i think so..

If you have that kind of guy then please don't let him/her go from your life they are like treasure for anyone in this fake world..

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