Hey everyone!!
I am not going to complain with anyone,i just want to ask one question that why??
why?? People sometimes get granted to others??
Why they don't care that people love them,respect their feelings they only cares that what they feels not others.. In your daily life you definitely want sometimes someone with you and at that time when you call's or messages someone and they don't care they ignore you then for few seconds you feel guilty and sad too that why they don't care or why then can't be there for you?

But hey!! This is the real world that when you really need someone there is no one for you,but you not there is someone always with you and how you find that person its too simple just take a mirror and you notice that,that is you not any of your's friend or any relative's..

In social life there are too many friends of us but in real there is no one..
Mobile's,internet these are more important then other's presence in our life's..

  • I don't say that there is no one yes definitely there is..but only when they need's you otherwise who care's no-one..that's the truth..

  • Let's talk about families relatives they are blessings,but not for everyone.In some family they treat their younger one's like charlady they forget that people's presence around us are also a human's..

And some family member's are like oh!God they are blessings for the family..
In this world not everyone lucky, they are lucky who have a Family+Friends they are treasure for living but in this fake world friends means just get benefits that's it..
They makes prank of every relations,trust, everything..
Don't be sad to think about there is no one always think that there is someone always for you and that one is "YOU'..

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