Soul Of Pain

Yes its totally okay to not have friends..and a significant other is seen as a requirement in society but it can do more harm than good depending..
I didn't mean that I have not a single friend in my life..yes I have..and sometimes I expect from them too much..

I hv some more then 5 yrs old friendship some friends from 3 yrs..
The difference is both of them is they care for me but one of them have no time for me..and the logic comes here is that they don't have time..or they busy in their own work but one thing in my mind is really they have no time..cause hey! It is the time to hv spend time with your own loving ones cause this disease spread very fast.. who's know the day comes may be I m here or not..then who cares..friends and friendship is the blessings in everyone's life..they hv no deadline no ending date no break-up nothing..
Show cares of your loving one's give some time them..when I see looking back in my childhood I thought that day is that much special because everyone takes care of me..but now I feel why I begging to someone to please come and give me some care some love..
This is not the meaning of real friendship..
I have one friend she is more caring more loving every time she is available for me.."my mother"..
Cause she is only who understands me..what I am how I am what I suffer what I deserve..
I thank her..
Everyone have there mother's some of them are cares some of them are don't..
Sometimes I can be happy with thinking about me my careers my goals..
I searched on YouTube how be feel happy when you stupid I am..
Hope this will pass soon and the day come when I am feel happy..
Missing something, missing some days, missing someone, missing lots of memories,,..missing everything,,..missing family, missing loving ones,,..
This is mind thoughts which I want to write..some feelings inside in corner of my 💓..

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