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 Hey everyone!!

I am here again today I am going to say about UN-expectations..

This means that in this world most of the things are depends on expectations and many of things depends on UN-expectations..

Expectations come from friends, family and your loving ones when they not fulfilled you getting hurt from them..

And something depends on UN-expected things which are going to relate with some positivity and some negative too..

In some cases when your that friend which always ignores you they one day calls you to know that how are you and all.. this is UN-expected for you..

And the expected thing is they called you for a work .. this is expected thing from your side..

There is one more thing that happens in our life is if we love someone very much like madly..

And that person sometimes hurt you and they don’t care how you feel or not...

This is the thing which realize you that how wrong you are about him/her..

Now you are thinking that why I am saying these all things to you...

Hey!!This is my experience that’s why..

And your opinion for your loving ones is “hey! They don’t care about you if you are angry or not happy or not” and suddenly they show some cares for you, they show some love for you this is also un-expectations but in positive way...

So guys!! Got to go!!

Meet soon only at this page “lifefullofstruggle.life” hope you like and comment it and view my page..

Thank you.

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