Sweet Dishes In Quarantine..

“Let’s Try Some Sweet Dishes In This Quarantine”
In India, there are various types of dishes which you have to try in this Quarantine.
Actually, in ancient times our ancestors know and eat so many sweet dishes and they also know that how to cook that dishes, they know how to serve because that is the time when Indians know our traditions know how to pretend the trends.
In the current situations, COVID-19 spread varies vastly so it relies upon some stress sweet dishes are the best mode of relaxation.
Let’s come to know which dishes or sweet dishes you want to eat or want to make.
And if you want to try that something new to eat, something different according to my taste then there are lots of sweets that you have to make and go through it.
On some auspicious occasions like yesterday were mother's day on that day you should make some sweets for your mothers.
Also, you can make various dishes on some occasions with your own, in this Quarantine.
Like Chocolate dry cake, Red velvet cake these cakes are too easy to make and take very little time to make it.
You also try sweet dishes as Gulab Jamun ready to eat flavored. 
If you are from Alwar state and you missed milk cake from your state then you also try to which is also very easy to prepare.
And you don't know how to made these sweets then go through youtube channel Madhavi's kitchen she makes lots of yummy dishes.
You should also try Agra's petha in your home in this quarantine, in this country, there are lots of sweets are famous in various cities and states.
Various people from various states want to eat so many sweets which are famous in their states but that is not possible due to this lockdown so you want to make your own.
There are so many dishes which you have to taste in this quarantine,
Like suji dry cake, Rava cake these are for vegetarians too because in these cakes eggs are not present.
Some important sweet dishes which you should try are
 Small Ras Malay is the best way to explore your moods and Cham Cham is a famous sweet in Nagaland you should also try these sweets.
 As we know that Patna is the capital of Bihar, the famous sweet of Patna is Navedam you also tried this.
 And in India when we visit temples then there were shops of sweets located at the courtyard in very shops there are so many sweets available, One of them is coconut laddoo you should also try that laddoo.
 Besan laddoo is also very famous for Ganesh puja, That recipe is too easy so you can try it at your homes as well.
 Jalebi is the also a famous sweet of India, and now these dishes are also available in ready to eat packet you loved that so go through all the dishes and make it at home.
 If you from southern states then you will also try sweet Pongal in your own homes or why south only all you tried this recipe in homes, Boli as well as you should also be tried.
 Kala kand, Kaju katli, kheer are the most famous sweets which all Indians loved that, In every festival, they have it because these sweets have different flavored and the common things are used in these sweets are milk and sugar. You easily made it in your homes.

Today's there are lots of people who want to eat so many things some like to eat different dishes, some of them want sweet dishes, some of them want easily available dishes, some are searches on swiggy, zomato that which dishes are available on that site which they want to eat.
But why, what is the need of this all we are at our homes and we have so much time to full-filled our needs, lots of time for spend with our family and makes so many tasty sweet dishes or many dishes which they want to eat or which we want to eat.
So don’t be panic just utilized the time which we have and taste some sweet dishes and let melt our mouths.

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